Demonstration of the brewing process


Doughing In

Doughing in is performed in the brew kettle with water heated to appropriate temperature. After raising the temperature to 52ºC and later to 63ºC a portion of the mash is moved to the lauter tun with wort strainer inserted on the distance ring.


Decoction maashing

Boiled part of the mash is added to the resting part.



The lauter tun is lifted to the upper position and the grain bed is left to settle. After that the wort is drained and sparging water is sprinkled on the grain.


Removal of the grain bed

The wort strainer with grains is removed from the lauter tun.


Wort boil and drainage

Wort is boiled with hops in the brew kettle. After the boil the wort is rotated and the hops is left to settle on the bottom. The still hot wort is transferred to the lauter tun (without the wort strainer inserted).