Components of the brewery

The brewery consists of:


Brew kettle

Brew kettle is made of stainless steel. It has 75l volume, which is enough to brew 60l of wort. The height allows for easy stirring of the brewed material. It is covered with a lid with one hole for stirring and one for steam escape. It is advised to leave enough space between the lid and steam escape for the lid to be easily removed.


Odkladacia nĂ¡doba

Lauter tun with a distance ring inserted between the false bottom of the wort strainer and the bottom of the tun, is attached to the construction in a way enabling the tun to be lifted completely upon the brew kettle and to be lowered completely below the brew kettle. It is in the bottom position during mashing and in the upper position during sparging.


Wort strainer

Wort strainer with a false bottom is inserted into the lauter tun on a distance ring. Perforation of the false bottom is 12% - 14% of the area of the bottom. The grain bed is cca 20cm thick when brewing a 12% beer.



The brew-kettle lid has a hole for easy stirring and a hole for steam escape. The lid is being used to cover both brew kettle and lauter tun in respective phases of the brewing process.